Type 2 Small Ceramic Nozzle (3 Pack)


Comes in a 3 Pack.

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Our Type 2 Small Ceramic Nozzle is 1-5/16″ long.  They are are long-wearing, made in the USA and fit most abrasive valves, 53000 Squeezer Valve and 38-Special Valve. Available in 3 Sizes.  Comes in a 3 Pack.

Nozzle Sizing:

Compressor (HP = Horsepower; CFM = Cubic feet per minute) Nozzle Orifice Abrasive Used (per hr) Sq. Ft. Cleaned (per min)
3 HP/8 CFM 3/32″ 100 lbs. 1/2 sq. ft.
3 HP/10 CFM 7/64″ 125 lbs. 3/4/ sq. ft.
5 HP/15 CFM 1/8″ 150 lbs. 1 sq. ft.
10 HP/25 CFM 5/32″ 250 lbs. 1-1/2 sq. ft.
15 HP/40 CFM 3/16″ 300 lbs. 2 sq ft.
20 HP/80 CFM 1/4″ 400 lbs. 2-1/2 sq. ft.

It’s not the size of the Blaster!
You must match the ID of the nozzle to your air compressor. The bigger ID of the nozzle, the faster you clean. For proper sizing of compressor to nozzle orifice, see chart.

Match Nozzle Orifice to Compressor Ratings at 90 PSI

When abrasive blasting the air requirement of the nozzle is given in CFM (cubic feet per minute).  The abrasive stream rapidly enlarges the orifice size of the nozzle.  In 6-8 hours, this nozzle will wear to the next size, requiring even more air, increasing the overload on your air compressor.  The compressor run harder and gets hotter as this load increases.  For more info, please call our tech line: 1-888-533-2693




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7/64, 1/8, 5/32


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