Crushed Glass Sandblasting Media


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Crushed Glass Blasting Media is a fantastic hard substance made from crushed glass. It’s for all types of blasting very similar to the old white silica sand referred to as sand blasting, but Crushed Glass Media is faster than most sand and it’s safe. No crystalline silica. It is made of recycled glass products. Then it’s crushed by a roller type mechanism to a consistency of 40-70 medium grit, similar to table salt or fine grit 70/100. It will clean old paint, rust, corrosion, etc. and produces an etched white metal finish so important for primer and paint. Be sure to wear respirator and blast hood.
The grit size is 40/70 for the medium grit and the fine grit is 70/100. Available in 50 pound bags.



  • Sheet Metal Brake Paint Chips Remover
  • Rust Remover
  • Glass Etcher
  • Spot Weld Cleaner
  • Media Blaster
  • Auto Body Rust Repairs
  • Auto Body Shop Tools
  • Antique Auto Restoration
  • Automotive Restoration Equipment

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50 Ib Bag, 5 Bag Pallet, 10 Bag Pallet


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